OUI, made with love in NYC


At OUISA, we love #quietlycool and comfortable things.

Almost as much as we love bread. 
Our aesthetic combines the ease of French uniform dressing with the coolness of New York minimalism. Our fabrics are super luxe yet live-in-able (is that a word?), and our silhouettes are as flattering as they come. It will feel like you're wearing your pajamas to the party. 
Our founder, Bryn Taylor, is a longtime personal stylist who wanted to create pieces her clients could never find — because they didn't exist yet. Clothes that were easy and wearable, yet evoked an air of cool. She looked to two of her favorite cities for inspiration: New York and Paris (hence the OUI in OUISA). She loves a minimalist approach wrapped up in classic, laissez-faire vibes.
Not too feminine, not fussy, simply cool.

We are proudly made in New York City's Garment District using ethical labor and fair wage practices.
We focus on small batch production runs in order to keep waste down. Our fabrics are carefully chosen for longevity, as we believe in a less is more model when it comes to getting dressed.