We’ve been working on something new. It’s all about confident minimalism, and a new way to think about sustainability. We call it Only Six. 


What is Only Six? 

Only Six is a new way to simplify your wardrobe. 

Twice a year, we will premiere a collection of--you guessed it--only 6 pieces. These pieces are intended to be the foundation of your wardrobe for the year and beyond. Articles that can be mixed and matched with each other, or serve to complement the rest of your existing wardrobe. 

We took inspiration from our founder Bryn Taylor’s own closet. As a professional stylist (and proud minimalist!), she understands the importance of versatility and timelessness in clothes. The Only Six collections are inspired by the steadfast items she relies on most in her day-to-day life. 


So why are you making less? 

Making less allows us to focus on detail, fabric, and fit even more intensely. For you, it means not having to sift through endless collections, feeling overwhelmed with too many options. 


Won’t I get bored? 

We hope not! This concept isn’t for everyone, and we get that. But for those of you who want to get back to the basics and feel cool with minimal effort, this could be a great fit. Plus, we will be premiering content to teach you how to gain maximum use out of these pieces without ever feeling limited. 


Are you still quietly cool®? 

Why, of course. The vibe is still quietly cool® and confident pieces made right here in NYC. 


When will this be available? 

Our first collection will be available for pre-order in late summer. 


How will I know when Only Six launches? 

Make sure to sign up for our email list! You can also keep an eye out on our Instagram, where we will post updates on the launch.